Our objective, BLOOM-ing your INVESTMENT

Advisory for non-reimbursable funds

The funds allocated to Romania represents a huge opportunity for applicants for funding in most areas: economic, social, cultural or local government.

To better meet your needs, we advise on all areas of interest. We take seriously and expeditiously all investment ideas from different fields: rural development through agriculture or non-agricultural activities, information technology, environment, human resources, research and development, education or any other field of interest.

We believe in an open collaboration to contribute effectively to the development of your business, create new partnerships viable and sustainable development of society as a whole.

Accessing grants involves several steps that can vary by type of investment, but certainly we will go through at least the following:

Step 1. Understand the need for funding through open communication and shaping the project idea.

Step 2. Eligibility Analysis which involves analyzing sources of funding, identifying applicable software investment objective and preliminary analysis of the existing situation in the context of the Applicant's Guide.

Step 3. Drafting: analyzes and specific studies, as is required: business plan, study pre / feasibility supporting statement, cost-benefit analysis, documentation for approval of intervention works, as appropriate.

Step 4. Submission of the project and assisting the applicant during the assessment period: the transmission project and the documents attached by the MA / IB / or teaching institution evaluative project package in the form requested by the recipient to deposit personal and preparing the necessary documentation for evaluation after clarification requests received.

Step 5. Implementation of the project and providing project management: preparation of documents for signing the financing contract; public procurements of the project in accordance with the legislation in force (documentation, stage of the procurement, etc.); Coordinate and supervise the progress of all project activities; making applications for reimbursement and the corresponding documentation; Developing assessments and periodic reports as required by the relevant Management Authority.

We are with you every step of the way, knowing that your projects are our business card.