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Audit and consulting

"International standards are strategic tools and guidance designed to assist organizations in addressing the greatest challenges of modern business. These standards ensure that business is conducted as efficiently as possible, increase productivity and facilitate access to new markets.

Benefits include:

- Reducing costs - International standards help to optimize operations and increase profits;
- Increased customer satisfaction - International standards help improve the quality, enhancing customer satisfaction and sales growth
- Access to new markets - International standards help prevent trade barriers and open access to global markets
- Increasing market share - International standards help increase productivity and increase competitive advantage
- Benefits for the Environment - International standards help reduce the negative environmental impact "
( "Benefits of International Standards" - www.iso.org)

Our team can provide consulting to implementation of the following management systems:

ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems
ISO / IEC 20000-1 - Construction of IT Service Management
ISO / IEC 27001 - Information Security Management Systems
ISO 28001 - Security Management Systems for Supply Chains
ISO 31000 - Risk Management