Our objective, BLOOM-ing your INVESTMENT

About us

Who we are

Our team consists of professionals with complementary specializations and skills able to generate and implement effective professional solutions, complete and complex through a sustained and coordinated effort.

We are a young, dynamic, dedicated and willing to achieve excellence. Together we cultivate a sense of responsibility, team spirit and respect for organizational values.

We support the formation of multidisciplinary teams, well-defined roles assigning members to highlight their skills or develop new skills. Encourage initiative and involvement at both the executive and management level.


We intend to become and to be recognized as a reliable long-term partner, a partner that brings added value to its clients through effective professional solutions, complex and complete.

We have an efficient and honest attitude and we thoroughly enjoyed the company culture focused on encouraging challenges, seeking to achieve operational excellence in all areas and to develop long-term relationships based on trust, loyalty and transparency.


Our vision is to become a company increasingly more efficient so that our customers excellence in their sector is our main objective. We provide clients practical proposals, based on full analysis of their needs:
• Review, audit and consulting as required by ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO 31000, ISO 28000
• Project Management PMBOK and ISO 21500 as required
• Consultancy and project management services to assist clients in accessing grants

We want to base our success on both the customer trust built through local and regional understanding their needs, and the quality and professionalism of all services delivered.


We firmly believe that integrity, collaboration, accountability and risk management are essential. In addition, we recognize the quality, objectivity, confidentiality, motivation, dynamism, innovation, transparency and performance as important factors in achieving success.

Strategic goals

In order to achieve the vision and mission defined aim:
• Developing robust and effective company through relationships with our partners
• Expansion of flexible and multidisciplinary teamwork as a fundamental basis of our solutions partners