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IT service management

What is ISO / IEC 20000-1?

ISO / IEC 20000-1 is an international standard which sets requirements for Service Management System (SMS) to ensure consistency in service management and IT infrastructure. This standard specifies requirements for planning, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an SMS that should fulfill a service provider.

Benefits and advantages

Implementing a service management system as required by ISO / IEC 20000-1 provides organizations the following benefits and advantages:
- availability of services and increase productivity
- Ensure consistency and traceability services;
- Enables management of internal processes of the organization in a more effective and less expensive;
- Establishes a cycle of improvement;
- Ensure satisfaction of contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements;
- Provides a framework for improving business relationships;

Steps advisory service offered by our company:

1. Make a preliminary assessment (benchmarking);
2. Implementation of service management (setting goals, identifying key processes, documentation of policies and procedures, identify the required registration etc.);
3. Running the system for a period of time;
4. Develop an internal audit followed by management review;
5. Optional organization may choose one collaborative maintenance management system after implementation.
Our company provides assistance during the certification process.

Who can be interested in implementing a service management system?

ISO / IEC 20000-1 can be useful:
- Organizations that require a consistent approach by all its service providers, including in the supply chain;
- Service providers that aims to demonstrate its ability to meet the requirements of service design, transition, delivery and improvement of services;
- Service providers who intends to monitor, measure and review service management system and its services;
- Service providers to improve the design, transition, delivery and improvement of services through the implementation and effective operation of management system services;