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Project Management

We believe that every project is different, some are complex, some are simple, but what makes them similar are their courses. It starts with an idea which evolves and develops. Whatever the activity, this path must lead to a profitable investment. For this we encourage the choice of project management methodologies in handling a project, methodologies that contribute effectively to achieving the desired results.

Guide PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and ISO 21500 are standards recognized internationally which include a series of best practices that can be applied to most projects, regardless of the duration and nature, with the consensus of the professionals as the value and usefulness.

According to PMBOK, project management provides integrated management of core processes: development of the project charter; project management plan development; project management and execution management; controllling site monitoring and project work; perform integrated change control; project completion.

ISO 21500 shows that project management includes integrating the various phases of the project life cycle through processes that must be selected and arranged into a systemic vision. Within each phase of the lifecycle of the project must be completed certain specific deliverables, which may be revised constantly throughout the project in order to meet customer requirements.

We appreciate that the use of appropriate project management methodology brings many benefits to reducing implementation time and eliminate blur to reduce the burden of project implementation. Project management should be viewed as a necessary strategic competence in the development of the company.

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